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Switch text direction from ltr to rtl and vice versa in Google Chrome

Today, I accidentally found two keyboard shortcuts in Google Chrome to switch text direction in Address bar from rtl (Right to Left) to ltr (Left to Right) and ltr to rtl.

This quite simple and can be used as a prank on friend’s systems. 😉

Here you go:

  1. Open Google Chrome..
  2. Click on Address bar.
  3. Press [Right CTRL] + [Right Shift] and the text direction will become LTR.
  4. You can press [Left CTRL] + [Left Shift] keys together to switch it back to RTL.

I also noticed one thing. If you have Google Chrome window opened and you open another Chrome window, then it will not work in second window. This may be a bug.

Try this and have fun. 🙂

About Shobhit Prabhakar

I have been providing survey design and data analytics solution for last 4 years. I specialize in ODK (Open Data Kit) and making complex multilingual XLSForms with randomization, skip logics, validation, multimedia etc. Over the years I have developed over 100 complex XLSForms for surveys conducted by reputed research scholars from major US universities. I've also been in web development field for over 15 years. I've vast experience in PHP, MySQL, Linux, CSS, SEO as well as in various applications in Windows Platform etc. I wish to serve my clients with diverse needs using my experience and talent to improve customer satisfaction and help my company achieve rapid success. I've Engineering degree in Information Technology as well as Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Ebrahim Byagowi
    April 21, 2013 at 04:00

    Hi. This will not work on Linux and Mac but with this tiny extension you can! 🙂

  2. thank you so much you saved me, iwa very frustrated

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