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Huawei Hard Reset and other Secret Codes

Huawei Hard Reset and other Secret Codes

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. is rapidly emerging Mobile handset and other hardware manufacturing company. In past few years Huawei has expended its business presence globally.

I have a Huawei manufectured mobile handset, and unlike Nokia and other popular brand, currently it is pretty hard to get secret codes for Huawei Mobiles. So, here are few secret codes for huawei mobile phones. Reset and few other codes worked on my mobile, but few codes didn’t work, may be it depends on the mobile handset series. I am sure the hard reset code for Huawei mobile will be useful for you if you have a huawei mobile set.

Here are the secret codes, to use these codes enter the code(in BOLD) and press dial key.

##258741 Hard Reset / Full Restore

##147852 Test Mode

*#06# ESN




##8541221619 NV OR RUIM

##3515645631 monitoring debug

##1857448368 version

# If the card does not boot, click on emergency call,Enter ##258741,Then launch keys, identification, you can reset the phone.

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Comments ( 228 )

  1. my huawai set sim lock please sim unlocking code. please help me sir

  2. Professional Website design company New Jersey
    November 18, 2010 at 18:30

    Good its very interesting blog post..

  3. Hey I have A Huawei phone too. Its an android and I have a problem. I let a friend play with the unlock pattern to many times and I cant remember my gmail account password or anything about. Please help me. All that I can do is recieve phone calls and I have an emergency dialer but it wont work when I access those codes…. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!

  4. Got any tips for the Huawei G6600? Only the ESN codes works on mine 😛

    March 18, 2011 at 18:25


    please send me the secret codes and/or hardware reset code for huawei C2822 and C2827.



    March 18, 2011 at 18:26


    HARD RESET code for huawei C2822 and C2827 is required please.


  7. I want to reset my 3G usb mode

  8. I’m in urgent need of the hard reset for G6600.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. gente por favor, como eu dou hard reset no meu huawei g6620?

  10. my huawai G6 set sim lock please sim unlocking code. please help me


  11. Hey my huawei m680 got snagged up by my four year old son and as u can guess is now locked with too many wrong passwords and I can’t remember my gmail I had to have someone help me set it up but they r no longer even reachable I’ve tried these codes and the only ones that work is the esnPLEASE HELP

  12. I have to hard reset about 25 U8300, PLEASE HELP!

  13. sir please give me the sim unloking code of huawei T195 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. i have huawei g6150 and i cant enter factory recover code because i cant enter #,how to do that?

  15. Can u pls help me with huawei u3100 hard reset codes pls. I cant download music,games and apps on my phone, so can u pls help me pls….

  16. I have a Telstra Tablet Huawei
    Model HB5A4P2
    I was trying to do a hard reset,( like the motorola defy)
    It now seems as though I have a brick.
    I just bought the thing second hand, and was trying to do a hard reset.
    Is there any thing I can do toget it going again
    I hope I can get some answer
    Kind regards
    James Webster

  17. I have a huawei m735 need to know how to reset it

  18. Please send unlock code of mts huawei c2856

  19. i have a huawei m735 it tells me the memory is full and wont let me get text or pic and i cant text out but i have no pic’s or music saved on my phone all pic and text are erased and i still can not get incoming text is there a code to reset the internal memory ? ? thank you

  20. How do I delete apps and files I downloaded on my Huawei m735 that I cant find?

  21. i have ahuawei can not get in

  22. have 3 models huawei no code of the above not working on any

  23. i have huwaei g6 but there is security code on the phone . can u help me how to take out from security code.

  24. Great post! I’m also going to publish a blog article concerning this… appreciate it

  25. i have a huawei m735 and i wanted to know if we could download lock patter in it.

  26. i use huawei c2905 virgin mobile . I want to cdma 1x internet using on my pc . How can i download huawei c 2905 pc suite or modem driver ? Please help me>>?

  27. how to switch cdma 800 to 450

  28. please give me the simlock code for huawei u8300 🙁

  29. Hi. any codes for huawei G6150? Only *#06# ESN working… By the way, is it posible to change java settings for huawei G6150 (max jar limit is to small..)? Tnx for any help.

  30. comop hago para desbloquear huawei ets2226. gracias

  31. my huawai T201 set sim lock please sim unlocking code. please help me sir
    I want to use it in other countrys network

  32. I also need the reset code for a U3100.

  33. I have a Huawei G6620. I’ve forgetten my phone lock code and my small brother activated it to ask for the phone lock code when I switch it on. Is there a master code I can use? Thanks heaps

  34. My g6600 has an electronic chinese accent English speaking answer message. How do I stop this message from answering my calls?

  35. thanks for that codes .but some does not really work on my huawei u8100,pliz help

  36. I need the code for my huawie u7517 to reset my phone and get rid of my downloads they have took 2 much memory up

  37. please can i get a network SIM unlcok code for Huawei 8180. Help please

  38. Hello friend, pls help me with my Huawei C203s unlock code.
    S/N: PE7NBB1840202226
    ESN: 01806471236
    ESN: 1262BE44

    Thanks, i will highly appreciate it if you can help me with the unlock code & the security code.

  39. please help me,,, my ideos s7 can not display the desktop.
    how to reset hardware my ideos thanks.
    email [email protected]

  40. block the phone keypad and can no longer unlock



  43. o meu telefone esta bloqueado, como faço para desbloquear?

  44. hi guys, can pliz be helped to hardreset huawei u3100. i av forgotten my password.

  45. Hey, guys!!
    I need your help. I have wi0fi mobile router E5830. and i set a new wifi password. Now i can’t connect my laptop with e5830=(( How can i reset my device?
    sorry for my English=) hello from Russia))

  46. Does it work on emergency dial? I need to know

  47. ive got a huawei u8180-1 and have forgoten the password but always have reset code which is ##258741 but dont know what the launch key is???? ay help please??

  48. meu ta muito baixo me ajuda por favor a amentalo

  49. Thanks a ton !
    It helps me a lot .
    Thank you so much .

  50. I have a Telstra t touch tab huawei s7-104 and i forgot my email and my password how do i reset it could someone help

  51. I need to unlock my phone from the company its lock to can you please send me the unlock code

  52. I need to unlock my huawei u3100-5 phone from the company its lock to can you please send me the unlock code

  53. Huawei u7510-s
    IMEI: 356755030928260
    YOIGO Spain
    Pls unlock code.

  54. i have mobile u8180 how to fix the error (the application HUAWEI launcher(process com. huawei launcher2) has stopped please try again)
    Thanks for help.

  55. i have a huawei u8300 phone i pls i just need the unlock code. thanks.

  56. I need the phone code for the huawai u6150, can u please help me?

  57. Hello.Help please to deblock Huawei C8150. At including of telephone gives out a report: to Enter the key of deblocking of RUIMLOCK”. Thanks in advance)

  58. Antoinette Martinez
    April 12, 2012 at 00:20

    I have the metro pcs Huawei M735 and it has a blank white screen and I cannot enter codes as there is no visual key pad to use to reset it due to the white screen. How do I reset this phone to make it work again?

  59. Everytime I turn on my huawei g6600 it says input phone lock code, is there anyway i can get past this? I forgot the password.

  60. tried the ##258741 Hard Reset / Full Restore for my Huawei Pinnacle worked like a charm

  61. sir ji my huwaei c6100 on karne par huwaei per hang ho raha hai plz help me

  62. i have a u3100 mobile phone and i cant get into it. I dont know the phone password.

  63. diosnes rodrigues
    April 20, 2012 at 02:35

    por favo presiso desbroquear o tel huawei mod ets2555


  65. I have a InQ Chat 3G/ Huawei U9120.
    S/N: 194CAC1050301196
    IMEI: 353872031422202

    Unlocked network lock, currently using it in Zim, how do i remove 3 icon frm display and also operator lock.

    Thanks! Any form of help much appreciated.

  66. at phone dial screen
    enter this code *1673492846
    press the down arrow twice
    Go to other
    go reset setting

  67. my huawei u8180 3 bottom buttons wont work when im listerning to music and click the back button it wont work is there a way to make them work again plz help me

  68. my huawei u8 180 wont work

  69. its real annoying when i wanna click back the bottom 3 buttons aint working and everything else is

  70. simlock bloc touche de réinitialisation de déverrouillage mon u8100 comment le debloquer merci

  71. pls someone help me for my huawei g7007 unlock code and hard reset codes pl

  72. my huawei batelco g5500 i need country lock

  73. even though all my contacts, music, and pictures got deleted the code still worked so thank you so very very very very very much for helping me solve my problem

  74. some of the keys wont work on my key pad they’re the call button, q, a, , k, l, del, z, ;, :, symbols key and space bar. can you help

  75. i have huawei C3500 rem CDMA had set. i want to know there is any code to open phone code if i used an personal code. because i forgot the code what i used in setting.



  76. I want to know how can I unlock from network lock of Huawei c2608? Pls anybody help me.

  77. i have a huawei pinnacle which isnt a smart phone. but when i turn it on it says please insert smart card. so i need to reboot it but metro pcs said they can do it but they wanna charge me. how do i do it myself?

  78. Nivedita Singh
    May 26, 2012 at 15:09

    How can I lock my messages on my Hiwai ideas google tm ?

  79. hi. My Huawei phone has refused to accept any sim card,always asking for it. Help please!

  80. Como faço para alterar a senha de Segurança do huawei G3610 ja tentei de tudo e nao consigo. Pode me ajudar?

  81. Tenho um Huawei G3610 e nao consigo alterar senha me ajude por favor?

  82. # If the card does not boot, click on emergency call,Enter ##258741,Then launch keys, identification, you can reset the phone. how to use’s not working for huawei cdma c2822.pls give me the code to unlock sim..

  83. Onde fica esse código CDMA?

  84. my huwai dnt have bold so dis code want me 2 bold dam i cnt

    June 14, 2012 at 09:18


  86. I just bought a HUAWEI G6150 and I have a ” internal error”. what I have to do to repaire it.????

  87. i have a huawei m835 i have locked myself out the phone i changed my password to a alpha numeric code and forgot it when i woke up… i have been locked out my phone 5 days and this screen gives me no option to put my g mail account in is there anyway i can get back into my phone without loosing everything in my phone please

  88. How to send at(hayes) commands to my s7-104?
    Trying to remedy my imei problem with tmobile.

  89. i need handset unlock code for huawei u8180

  90. Hi Sir i have Huawei U8160/ Vodafone 858 Smart that ask to draw the pattern i was try to unlock by the 3G-Key but unlock go through but not solve yet.

    please help me

  91. I also have G6600 ask for phone code i dont have any solution for that.


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    Many thanks!

  93. hola temgo mi huawei en coma pares que de repente la pantalla se quedo en blanco u se escucha cuando enciende o se cambia de funciones me podrían desirme que puede ser o que puedo a ser gracias

  94. thanks for the codes.i’ve a different problem,am using huawei u3100 the thing is its memory almost full and i cant where it has been do i recover the memory?please help

  95. Ola meu celular Huawei g6620 não suportou nenhum tipo de tema que ja tentei instalar, o que eu faço? E se suportar qual é o tipo? Quero tambem solicitar a senha para alterar as configuraçoes de fabrica do aparelho!

  96. My screen is locked,it shows my screensaver and those dots for password, i can’t click anything, im using Ideos s7 slim
    Anyone with Info please update me via email


  97. francis ocircan
    July 24, 2012 at 19:06

    some one help post for me the first code to be entered in the phone (HUAWEI G3510S)before entering the unlock code for example *983*865625#

  98. francis ocircan
    July 24, 2012 at 19:08

    first code entered before the unlock code of huawei g3510s

  99. mcartney flemenga
    August 29, 2012 at 16:06

    got huawei g6620s bt im failing to use the codes how do i use them i miss my fon

  100. How do you master reset code for Huawel G7010 i try the few you sent not working pleas assist

  101. Master code reset securité Huawei G1155

  102. Please help me unlock my Huawei S7 tablet I put password in wrong to many times and now its locked

  103. Dear sir
    how to reset mts m-tag C8511

  104. my huawei u3100 asks for phone password when i switch it on and i dont have the password,
    plz help my imei is 352131040218635…

  105. please could you tell me how to unlocked HUAWEI c2608?
    Coz my operator was shout down for illigal voip.. so I don’t want waste my mobile phone.
    plz let me know about the unlock code or procedure


  106. My wife has an HUAWEY G7300 ; tried to install some apps (failed), then tried to cdoneect it to wifi (succedeed: blocked the acess to any other LAN than WLAN in order to connect ONLY to home wifi and free wifi) ; now i simply can´t make any call.

    I tried the option to “soft reset” to the “Manufacturer Settings” but it asks for a code (???)

    How can I solve this asap ?

    HELP PLS !!!! :))

    PS: I backed all the contacts to the SD CARD before any experiences

  107. (forgot to inform the phone is unblocked to any network).

  108. Olá, meu celular huawei u6150 está travado com o simbolo da claro, toda vês que ligo aparece o simbolo da claro e não sai disso, poderia me ajudar?

  109. Hi,
    Using this blog you go through a few of the most significant pieces of information!

    Simple to read and full of effective know-how.

    Thanks for sharing Huawei Hard Reset and other Secret Codes

  110. hi,
    can i have HUAWI G2800 phone unlock code or reset code as i have forgoten phone password and I m not able to do anythind

  111. please help me to my huawei ascend y200 coz icannot open it
    when i open my mobile i only see your logo logo and logo again and again what can i do to solve my problem.

  112. Hola, reciban un exitoso y especial saludo de mi parte, realmente espero que me puedan colaborar con 1 codiguito para desbloquear una huawei c5800 y si tienen un tuto o los pasos a seguir etc. Agradecido de ante mano a toda la comunidad por las practicas y tutos que promuevan y difunden contenidos realmente interesantes espero su pronta respuesta nuevamente gracias.


  113. please help me, i have u8180 and i tryed to install some softwares. and after that the phone hasn’t on. give a more time and not coming home screen, how can i slove this matter? plz help me…

  114. SIR,
    IMEI NO. 011627001166070

  115. ye evien time waste kra raha ha, koi aik code b wrk nhe kr rha. . . Koi or blog dhondo.

  116. OMG thank you lol now i can put a password on my phone

  117. please my huawei U8180 is locked due to the missed drawn pattern.i tried to unlocked with my google account but all in vain,what else can i do to solve my problem

  118. kindly need some help, I forgot my password on my Huawei G2800s

  119. can u plz help me out, i need the network unlock code for my huawei u3100 the imei is 351580040025401 plzz help

  120. My Huawei G6600 is asking for a phone lock code which i forgot. How do I perform a hard reset?

  121. I have a Huawei m290 and i forgot the pattern password for it….. Now it asks for my email and password. i put it in but it won’t unlock the phone. Will you please give me the secret code to hard reset the phone. Thanks!

  122. I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and amusing, and let me tell you,
    you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something too
    few people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I came across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

  123. I have the HUAWEI HB 5K 1H. I need to do a reset. I tired the codes you have listed, none work except the one *#6#. Please help! I’m not sure what the URI. Is.

  124. My Huawei U8500 android phone had a simlock block unlock reset kay… what will i do? its provided by globe

  125. y Huawei U8500 android phone had a simlock block unlock reset key… what will i do? its provided by globe

  126. Hey I have A Huawei phone too. Its an android huawei S7 slim and I have a problem. I let a friend play with the unlock pattern to many times and I cant remember my gmail account password or anything about. Please help me!

  127. yaptım olmuyor

  128. merhaba benim telefon huwei u8185 ekran kilidinin sifresini unuttum birazcık yardımcı olurmsununz nasıl kaldırrırım bu kilidi

  129. How can I hard-rest T-Mobile Energy. Because I forger Password.

  130. sir,my huawei u8860 mobile security code blocked,pls help me solve this problem..pls sir pls…

  131. Please give me restore code for Huawei C5700 CDMA handset,

    I have been change my phone code number & now i forget my phone code number..

    My cell phone is on but message privacy is active.
    In this reason I can’t access read my message, so please help me…
    Please give me restore code for Huawei C5700 CDMA handset,

  132. Please give me restore code for Huawei C5700 CDMA handset,
    I have been change my phone code number & now i forget my phone code number..
    My cell phone is on but message privacy is active.
    In this reason I can’t access read my message, so please help me…
    Please give me restore code for Huawei C5700 CDMA handset,

  133. I have a Huawei U8180
    My IMEI No:357232040542373and it is hard locked can you reset it Please

  134. my huawei hb4j1h is locked and i forgot my gmail password anyway to reset it?

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  136. my huawei G7300 is locked and i forgot my password anyway to reset it at list imei :861132002167707?

  137. I’ve been browsing online more than 4 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the net will be much more useful than ever before.|
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  138. pe aparece sim bloqueada no se como salir de esto nome permite hacer nada

  139. My Huawei is crash error msg when I dial ” The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. please try again”. Please help me.

  140. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your
    efforts and I am waiting for your next post thanks once again.

  141. me sale en la pantalla desbloquear sim modelo es el u8185

    PESN: 802B6540

  143. my Huawei does not want to take network at all. please can you help me

  144. just send me all secret codes of 8ta cell phones

  145. pls i need a reset key code for my huawei u8180-1 my imei: 357232047198385 plsssssssssss…………..

  146. i no have huawei my mobil is inq

  147. Please send unlock code of mts huawei c2856

  148. Please i need help!!!!!!
    I mistakingly uninstalled the default launcher of my Huawei U8160 (Vodafon Smart 858), after that i swicthed the phone off and tried to on it but after the power comes on, nothing else happens. it keeps processing but will not load anything.
    Can any one help me please???????
    Thank you in advance

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  150. Dear Huawei
    I use Huawei phone of Hello Triple Sim Model: HL3803. Now it restart to search sim forever. Can you tell me how to fix it? thanks.

  151. I bought a Huawei handset (G6005 model) a week. My daughter tampered with the security codes. Each time I switch the phone on the handset requires me to enter input phone lock code which I don’t know. Can you please help me! Is it possible to send me the password for the mode?

  152. Noman Bin Hossain
    March 29, 2013 at 17:33

    I have a Hauwei ETS2058 3G CDMA, SN: FL6RAE17A2905054, ESN: 0FCEF4A9, which I want to factory reset to release the network that it searches. thanks

  153. huawei c8600 cdma reset code please

  154. I have phone called Huawei U8185-1 Ascend Y100….Its has locked the phone so i have only emergency calls alone. The phone was blocked after ma sister try too many pattern attempts trying to access my phone.
    So please help me to unlock the phone because i have try both email address with the correct passwords.

    please help.

  155. please tell me how to hard data reset huawei gaga when you have forgotten the creen lock and you had not back it up with the google account…

  156. i wont now the code huawei g7210 be for cart sim on algerie

  157. plzz help me increase the internal memory of virgin mobile c5005 bcuz it comes only with 3 mb internal memory

  158. I have a Huawei 8860 and i forgot the pattern password for it….. Now it asks for my email and password. i put it in but it won’t unlock the phone. Will you please give me the secret code to hard reset the phone. Thanks!

  159. Hi plz kindly help me unlock my Phone my younger Brother set a name Password with hide the words my IMEI is 8628860120008990 , i also dont know how to use the Codes n launching identification plz just remove that setting n allow drag method plz Urgently. Luc Kenya

  160. HowTo Password Hack Twitter Account
    May 2, 2013 at 06:47

    Your style is unique compared to other folks I have read stuff from.
    Thank you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this page.

  161. hola, tengo un huawei ascend g312 o u8681
    le puse patron y se bloqueo le pongo mi cuenta de gmail y tampoco la cepta
    alguna ayuda porfavor e intentado todo ya no se que mas hacer se los agradeceria muxo
    no me importa si pierdo toda mi informcion y aplicaciones

  162. i need to unluck My phone huawei Networking is lock asking for sim Card Networking

  163. my u8500 is a globe plan and i want to open line it into smart.. help me 🙁

  164. hey how can hard reset my huwei s31hw?bcuz iforgot my pass ang tried many times but iforgot my gmail too i cannot unlock it plss help me 🙁

  165. ##258741 wont work on my huwei s31hw

  166. sir please help me for my huawei c2685 phone. i want open sim lock code .pleaes send me lock code and procedure open sim lock code.

  167. need unlock code Huawei g7010
    IMEI 353915047507480
    s/n 9pa9mc1182700598
    locked on vip mobile rs

  168. pls, my gaga u8180 is not booting up, its just showing android on the screen, maybe i set some security setup or something.
    pls help phone no easy to buy now with plenty of money o!

  169. my huawei ideos s7 101 is many pattern to lock plz send secret code on my email ..

  170. I have a Huawei HB 5K 1H phone. Everything works except my internet. Is their a code to had more memory to my phone. If not can you please tell me the highest sd card I can buy for this mode,. Thanks:-D

  171. My Huawei U8185-1 android phone had a simlock block unlock and asks to sign in with a Google account, but non was responding and I can only make Emergency call but I can receive calls too.

    Please help me what to do?????


  172. sim1 np cod for huawei G6608?

  173. Hey I have A Huawei phone U8860. Its an android and I have a problem. I let a kid play with the unlock pattern to many times and I cant remember my gmail account password or anything about. Please help me. All that I can do is recieve phone calls and I have an emergency dialer but it wont work when I access those codes…. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!

  174. Hey I have A Huawei phone U8860. Its an android and I have a problem. I let a kid play with the unlock pattern to many times now it requist google unlock and I cant remember my gmail account password or anything about. Please help me. All that I can do is recieve phone calls and I have an emergency dialer but it wont work when I access those codes…. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!

  175. Hi I have a Huawei g6620 phone, even without a sim card present it is asking for a phone unlock code. Is that normal?

    Will you be able to help me ulock, my IMEI is : 869868002971638

  176. Hi, I have a Huawei M865C, I am getting the keyboard error on bootup, how can I get to a maintenance screen to do a reset, if the green circle is spinning on the screen I have no functionality and my only choice is to turn off and back on after the battery has been removed. Please help.

    Thank you,


  177. M865C
    I am getting a keyboard error on bootup, (The application has an issue and will not shutdown please try again. I pull the battery and reboot it, the same screen pops up.

    How can I get to a maintenance screen so I can do a reset?

    Thank you,


  178. Master code not working my phone what i do ????

  179. My Huawei hb4j1h is locked too many pattern attempts and cant remember email. Please help. 323)473-2182 or u can contact me via email.

  180. i have lost my huweii u8860 please help me with how to track it if possible unfortunately i ddnt install tracking device…

  181. hello, i´m Cuban and its a kind difficult to me to pay for the code to unlock my huawei U8185/ascend y100. it was a give of course My imei is 862884011109745. Se los agradeceré mucho. Saludos

  182. it shows that it is not your emergency no what can i do to reset it

  183. I need sim unlock code for hauwei C2610s

  184. My h866c is stuck in a bootloop how can i fix it

  185. tengo un huawei u5110 y me dice usim bloqueada es digitel y ya he intentado todos los codigos que dicen aqui y nada

  186. perfect! thx

  187. please help i have lost my huaei u8860 can you help me with how i can track it…i didnt activate any tracking application only had a google account on it…tried to use it but it says location unavailable i have the serial number is there how i can block it atlst?

  188. amigo,eu tenho um huawei u 8860,e está bloqueado,ja tentei inserir o meu e mail e senha e nada,e tentei inserir os códigos e nada,favor solicito um suporte,grato…

  189. how do i put a monthly plan on my huawei m660

  190. how do i put a monthly plan on my huawei m660 without paying at a store

  191. how do i get free internet on huawei 636?

  192. Dear Huawei, I have a huawei c2830 mobile , it is agains and agains hange.
    i tried to restore fector but not solve this proble.i have secret code.but no option for reset.

    So please give me information that how to reset my device?

    best regards,

  193. hi!
    i need the NP code for HUAWEI G6609 dual sim, all sim are locked to vodacom
    here is the IMEI:
    SIM1: 860605000045067
    SIM2 : 860605000045075

    Please Help me

  194. hola quiero que alguien me ayude con un drivers para el huawei t566 🙁 por fa vor xD les agradeceria mucho si me maNDAS tu respuesta sea buena o malaa a mi correo o a mi faceboock como yefrhi navarro rodrigue z(sullana peru )

  195. my huawei G6008 is not getting on
    do these 4ns hv problmz with display errors??

  196. hey it does not working yar.
    this ask for MN Code.

  197. I have a Huawei U8180, which was locked as my four year old son repeatedly played with the patterns. am unable to unlock it using WIFI and debug or my google account since i can not activate the data. kindly send me unlock code for this. Thanks in advance.

  198. tsotsi fann govivi..
    May 31, 2014 at 16:02

    olaa…help with huawei g6005 unlock code plizz…##258741 hard reset
    wont work

  199. tengo un huawei g7206-c cuando lo prendo me sale bloqueo de telefono y lo e intentado todo y no puedo desbloqearlo e intentado poner los codigos y nome deja por favor ayudenme a desbloqearlo o a resetearlo lo que sea que funcione. gracias

  200. shalom sumambod
    July 18, 2014 at 17:30

    i have a huawei too its model is g5500 my when i will insert my sim in my phone there was a code . can you please help me.!



  201. Huawei U8860 sim lock. Operator: Life:). Republic: Belarus. IMEI: 860085010584910. Requires an unlock code. Help please!

  202. Hola, buenos días. Tengo un huawei y300 me da error dice que las aplicaciones se detuvieron, no me deja entrar en ninguna aplicación porque se cierran y se reinicia el teléfono sólo. He tratado de resetearlo pero no agarra. Por favor ayudarme.


  204. i have a g7010 and its asking me for an entry unlock key. i stay in botswana.

    thanks. any 1 know wht i should do

  205. Showing fs dm lose.c 00489

  206. I need huawei g6 phone

  207. Ime 357294045613641 need code to hard reset I bought n it was locked

  208. I have huawei H886g Windows phone I have unlock code but don’t wive me the option the phone too put in

  209. Hello!

    someone can help reset the G7010? not appear “#”. In emergency call time is short,only got once but not reset.
    The only one that works is the * # 06 # others do not have time to process and back tolock.
    Thank U.

  210. i have a huawei g3511 phone i am forgertid my phone lock cord pleeeese help!!

  211. Showing fs pm log.c00489

  212. Could you help me with the nck sim unlock code for huawei u3100 IMEI: 352131040013044

  213. I have huawei c2905 but i forgot phone lock code and it is locked. please suggest how do i get rid of it

  214. I have huawei c2905 but i forgot phone lock code and it is locked. please suggest how do i get rid of it please.please i need it

  215. Hi, thanks for the info, but it doesn’t work on my phone G6150. There is annoying message that always pop up on the screen ” internal error”. And i cannot make a call and cannot open my inbox. So anyone can share the idea of how to fix this? Thnks everyone ang Godbless

  216. l need sim unlock code for Huawei ascend y 100,Imei 862886012704671.please help

  217. I have huawei G730-U00. I use all my social accounts by this. For example for fb. & gmail account, but i didn’t put my phone number on those accounts, but my phone number is my gmail recovery number. So can some body or my sim card provider get my phone number by using my phone ID NO or IP address etc.?

  218. Hi team
    Please i am forgot my phone code (Huawei C5737)
    what i can do it?

  219. Hola tengo un HUAWEI ETS 8221 y olvide la clave de desbloqueo ayudaaaa

  220. I have a HUAWEI ETS2058 FWT Desk phone. But now a days my operator is shuted down their business. So I want to use a GSM SIM with this Desk phone set. But when I insert A SIm Card into the Phone, there is no response and it searching for all the time but geting no network. So what can I do now. Please reply me with a good solution ….

    Thank You
    Suman Das
    +880 171 251 5852

  221. I entered wrong pattern codes,help me how to unlock t8833huawei

  222. will this fully restore all the data after the hard reset

  223. Karla May Lagunde
    November 27, 2016 at 15:12

    I have a pocket wifi HUWAEI HB5A2H and every time I charge it all the icons wont stop blinking. and when I turn it on, it wont function. I have a functional battery but the unit itself seems to have aproblem since I also cannot search the wifi connection. WHat must I do?

  224. i need huawel c209s hard reset co de pls help

  225. iave forgot my pattern lock so what i should to do

  226. Please how can I blog user on mobile hotspot

  227. Please sir i wish to ask for the unlock code for huawei c5737
    thanks sir

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